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Wage Garnishments: New Laws, New Procedures For 2018

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Life would be easy if all you had to withhold from employees' paychecks were taxes, health premiums and retirement contributions. But that's rarely the case these days. There's another side to withholding … involuntary deductions (a/k/a garnishments), which are becoming a growing problem for employers. What's new?
  • IRS 'back door' collections. If the IRS doesn't get your employees' tax money through wage withholding or estimated taxes, it is increasingly collecting via the back door – by serving wage levies on employers. (It doesn't even need a court's permission!)

  • New 'administrative' garnishments. A federal law allows any agency that's owed a nontax debt to issue an "administrative garnishment" directly to employers. Many federal agencies have taken big advantage of this – and states have seen the light, too.

  • Child support and payday collections. You're now withholding 75% of all child support payments. And the explosion in loans from payday lenders has put employers in the middle of collecting billions in unpaid debts.

Odds are, you don't have the resources to hire staff to implement garnishment orders. Now, you don't have to. Join us for Wage Garnishments: New Laws, New Procedures for 2018.

Our timely webinar, led by payroll expert Alice Gilman, Esq., editor of Payroll Legal Alert, will show you:
  • The one simple misstep with tax levies that typically gets employers into a world of trouble with the IRS

  • How to figure an employee's disposable earnings for any garnishment order

  • What's new with the standard income withholding order for child support

  • The 6 mistakes to avoid when you're withholding for child support

  • Why you can't fire an employee whose disposable earnings are subject to two garnishments (even though the law says you can!)

  • What to do if a payday lender insists that it doesn't have to go to court before serving you with a garnishment order

  • How to tell a legitimate garnishment order from a fake one

  • The 4 major pitfalls with creditor garnishments you must avoid at all costs

  • How the new Uniform Wage Garnishment Act will affect the garnishment process

  • How to resolve conflicts with interstate child support orders

This 75-minute training session gives you practical, easy-to-understand solutions to the complex issues you face when you implement garnishment orders. Plus, you'll get answers to your specific questions during our interactive Q&A session.

Never again wonder "Am I doing it right?" Learn how to avoid IRS and state law penalties and comply with any garnishment order with confidence.
Wage Garnishments: New Laws, New Procedures For 2018
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