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Rules For InPat And ExPat Payroll Training

Inpat / Expat payroll refers to the payroll responsibilities of providing payroll to individuals whose country of work is different from the country in which they reside.

Basic questions involved with Inpat / Expat payroll include:
  • What are the applicable laws in both countries
  • What are the applicable taxes in both countries
  • How are funds delivered: in the funds of the home or visiting country
  • How do I handle Year-End and other reporting requirements
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InPat ExPat Payroll Training Courses

Featured Course: Inpats & Expats: Payroll Compliance Tips

Many companies sponsor non-US based workers to perform services in the United States under many different types of Visas, with the employment tax treatment frequently driven by the type of Visa.

And guess what? As the Payroll Professional, you are expected to be aware of how to pay employees in foreign jurisdictions, how to run a shadow payroll in the United States, and how to work with a third party provider who may be performing the tax equalization for these workers.

Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • Overview of "Inpatriates", "Expatriates", "Globalization", "Equalization", and "Totalization"
  • Determining whether or not the individual can work for a US company
  • Different types of Visas
  • Employment tax treatment of the different Visa types
  • Employment tax treatment of the worker
  • How treaties affect the withholding process
  • When is an employee subject to social security taxation
  • How the workers are paid from the US
  • How to determine the scope and potential areas of focus for your audit
  • How to identify any areas of concern prior to an external audit or an audit by another group within your company
  • Common areas where mistakes or issues can normally be found
  • How a review can help you detect internal control issues
  • Where to go to for assistance so you're not re-creating the wheel
  • Devising a game plan on what you want to review and how to divide and conquer
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