Payroll Audits And Penalties

How To Handle Payroll Audits And Avoid Payroll Penalties

Payroll Audits

A payroll audit can occur for many reasons: someone from the government comes calling because you may have done something wrong; an employee makes a claim of unfair pay practices, or; you simply decide to review your own procedures, either internally or by using and independent third party such as an accountant.

Payroll audits are good in that they can help fix problems before they are discovered by the government, can help re-assign tasks as needed, and can help determine if an outside source by used to provide payroll services.

Many employers can benefit by taking a proactive stance and reviewing their payroll practices on a regular basis.

Payroll Penalties

Late filing. TIN matching. Errors on returns, failure to pay overtime, failure to pay timely, to name just a few.

Payroll penalties apply for many reasons, even for an inadvertent mistake. But did you know that some of these penalties can be appealed or waived with a show of good cause? Click the link below to learn how.

For Training On How To Handle Payroll Audits & Penalties

Featured Course: Payroll Penalties: How To Avoid Or Get Them Waived

We all know that penalties can be costly and annoying – especially if they are for an inadvertent mistake. But did you know that some of these penalties can be appealed or waived with a show of good cause?

This training session will arm you with all you need to know in order to submit a penalty waiver request - and hopefully receive the waiver!

During this 90-minute audio conference, you will learn about typical penalties that are associated with employees – how to avoid them - and what you can do to get them waived!
    avoiding payroll audits and penalties
  • Most common types of penalties
  • How they are assessed
  • How to read the penalty notice
  • What amounts can be assessed
  • Steps for getting penalties waived
  • Penalty abatement techniques, including what to focus on in order to insure that your waiver request is complete and timely
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