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From how to properly handle travel pay, fringe benefits, and multi-state taxation to garnishments, InPat/Expat payroll, and what to do with unclaimed paychecks, the has your payroll training needs covered. We offer numerous courses and certifications to help improve your career as a payroll professional.

Payroll & Paycheck Rules

  • Independent Contractor Or Employee?
    Sometimes the differences between your employees and independent contractors seems negligible. Their work may be the same and their salaries almost indistinguishable, but regardless of whether you see significant differences among the people you pay, there is someone who does: the IRS.

    If a company mistakenly classifies an employee as an independent contractor, it faces severe penalties and is generally held liable for employment taxes. So it's important to carefully distinguish between your workers and your independent contractors.

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  • Fringe Benefits
    This 90-minute training session will help you to determine if your fringe benefits are currently being offered to employees correctly in order to ensure that they are compliant with federal and state payroll tax regulations. This may assist you in avoiding a costly audit in the future.

    Multi-State Taxation We'll cover the IRS guidelines for the items that they will focus on when an employment tax audit is being performed, as well as tips on how to perform your own internal review to catch anything that may actually cause an audit.

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  • Travel Pay
    This training session covers the IRS rules regarding what is considered travel versus commute and what is an allowable expense versus taxable wages. It will enable you to understand how and when to compensate an employee for travel time away from a work site.

    You also will learn which employees are entitled to travel time pay and at what rate, and show how critical it is to communicate the rate of pay, the requirements of travel and the travel tracking necessary to compensate the employee properly. It also discusses typical problems that arise with travel and other FLSA issues such as meals during travel.

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  • Expense Reimbursements
    This course covers the rules and requirements for expense reimbursements, as well as best practices for processing expense reimbursements either in payroll or accounts payable.

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  • Multi-State Taxation
    If your company has operations in more than one state, you may be faced with income tax withholding for more than one state. Sometimes, you may even have to withhold income tax for more than one state from the same employee.

    Deciding which state's income tax to withhold can be a confusing process. How do you determine who is a resident and whether you should follow the laws of the state of residence or the laws of the state in which services are performed? Not all states answer these basic questions in the same way and, sometimes, state laws conflict.

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  • Garnishments
    As with all of the federal and state laws, garnishment rules and regulations that must be followed to the letter - and with the constant threat of penalties for violating any one of them - it's no wonder why processing each and every garnishment is such a daunting task.

    Therefore, understanding the correct process for handling garnishments, even before you might have to deal with one, is of the utmost importance, and one we'll help you conquer in this training session.

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  • InPat ExPat Payroll Training
    Many companies sponsor non-US based workers to perform services in the United States under many different types of Visas, with the employment tax treatment frequently driven by the type of Visa.

    And guess what? As the Payroll Professional, you are expected to be aware of how to pay employees in foreign jurisdictions, how to run a shadow payroll in the United States, and how to work with a third party provider who may be performing the tax equalization for these workers.

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  • Final Paychecks Requirements
    This training session helps payroll personnel to understand and properly comply with their obligations to properly pay – and abide by the plethora of laws affecting – terminated employees.

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  • Unclaimed Paycheck Rules
    Believe it or not, you just can't keep a paycheck that an ex-employee fails to claim. In fact, there are legal requirements that employers must follow for surrendering these unclaimed paychecks to legal authorities.

    Don't get caught – and penalized – for not following unclaimed paycheck laws for the state(s) in which you do business. Click the applicable links below for more information or to take a training course on Unclaimed Paychecks.

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  • I-9 And E-Verify Training
    Unsuspecting employers are often surprised to learn that failure to execute an I-9 properly can lead to steep fines, penalties, and even criminal liability.

    This training session provides no-nonsense, practical training on what every employer must do to meet the federal government's requirements for employment verification.

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  • Payroll Audits
    A payroll audit can occur for many reasons: someone from the government comes calling because you may have done something wrong; an employee makes a claim of unfair pay practices, or; you simply decide to review your own procedures, either internally or by using and independent third party such as an accountant.

    Payroll penalties apply for many reasons, even for an inadvertent mistake. But did you know that some of these penalties can be appealed or waived with a show of good cause? Click the link below to learn how.

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  • Waiving Payroll Penalties
    We all know that penalties can be costly and annoying – especially if they are for an inadvertent mistake. But did you know that some of these penalties can be appealed or waived with a show of good cause?payroll record keeping

    This training session will arm you with all you need to know in order to submit a penalty waiver request - and hopefully receive the waiver!

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  • Payroll Documentation
    Payroll is a key aspect of any business with employees. In order for employees - and payroll taxes - to be paid on time and accurately, the payroll department must be structured, with documentation spelling out the organization's payroll-related processes and procedures. This training session covers the steps you can take to insure that your payroll procedures are well documented, clear, and concise.

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  • Payroll Paycards
    Paycards are payroll debit cards that enable employers to pay employees through payroll direct deposit even if they do not have bank accounts.

    This training session covers the why's, how's, and regulatory issues regarding Paycards. For instance, the majority of state's labor laws allow employers to offer direct deposit, but they don't allow employers to mandate that their workers participate in their direct deposit programs.

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  • Operations
    By taking this training session, you will learn how to establish and maintain self-service systems, direct deposits, and paycards; select and implement a payroll system; handle and work with audits and disaster recovery plans, and; comply with the various record retention requirements.

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  • Payroll Recordkeeping
    Are you 100% certain that you are in compliance with federal and state payroll record keeping rules? Even a 1% degree of uncertainty can subject your organization to fines and penalties.

    So why take the chance when you get get up-to-date with our payroll records and payroll recordkeeping training courses.

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  • Payroll Reporting
    This training session includes plain-English descriptions of the various requirements, processes, and procedures, as well as numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive Q&A to help provide valuable insight into your payroll reporting compliance requirements.

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Workers Comp / Return To Work

workers comp training
  • How Workers' Compensation Works
    When an employee is injured at work, Workers' Compensation benefits are available to cover lost wages and medical costs related to the injury.

    Whether those benefits spiral out of control or are properly managed depends on a lot of factors, including the skills of the administrator and insurance advisor.

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  • Spotting Workers' Comp Fraud
    Recent estimates state that fraudulent or exaggerated workers' compensation claims account for a whopping 25% of the total money spent on workers’ compensation!

    Knowing the common signs of a fraudulent claim can make the difference between a denied claim and an unnecessary six figure settlement, and though we want to be trustful, fraud and misrepresentation become more prevalent everyday - and knowing what to look for is your best defense.

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  • Return-To-Work Strategies
    Employers want employees to return to work from their occupational injuries in the least amount of time away from work.

    Studies show that the employee will more likely make a full recovery and continue working a long and productive work life if they return in the least amount of time, but returning to work often carries with it restrictions, disabilities, obligations, and frustrations (on both sides).

    Such situations require careful assessments and knowledge of all the elements necessary to fit together what often seems like a complicated puzzle. Leaving out an assessment of employer obligations of just one piece of such a puzzle can have serious ramifications. And that's where this training session can help!

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Designations / Certifications

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workers comp training

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