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A payroll certification is a valuable credential that verifies an individual's specified level of knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding payroll. A certification not only demonstrates that you know the laws and regulations, but that you understand how to apply the concepts taught in the workplace.

The most obvious benefit of acquiring a certification is the knowledge you gain. Payroll certification training programs typically teach the various payroll rules, regulations, and procedures on everything from classifying workers to running payroll to handling reporting. A payroll certification also helps improve your pay!

At TrainingCenter, we offer payroll certification programs covering every concept you will need to understand to begin or advance in your career.

What Will I Learn By Getting A Payroll Certification?

payroll certificationsOur payroll certification courses cover all aspects of payroll, and includes training on how to:
  • Properly "classify" workers
  • Apply the various exemptions
  • Calculate gross pay and properly make deductions
  • Properly identify, pay, and withhold taxes for employees
  • Administer deferred compensation, cafeterial plan, sick pay, and other compensation
  • Handle stock options, expense reimbursements, relocation, and other "expenses"
  • Follow the proper policies, procedures, and documentation requirements for garnishments and levies
  • Properly complete and file all required reporting requirements
  • Correctly complete year end requirements and establish the year-beginning requirements
  • Implement and maintain audit, disaster recovery, and record retention processes and procedures

Best-Selling Payroll Certification Courses

Below are some of our best-selling Payroll Training & Certification Programs. Each covers training for a specific payroll niche - and for which you can earn a 'Certified Payroll Administrator' designation. Simply click the applicable link to see more details or order a specific course.

Find Other Payroll Training Courses

TrainingCenter offers several payroll training classes on specialty areas such as handling garnishments, multi-state taxation, visas, documentation, and more. View Additional Payroll Training Courses for a full listing of available content.

Top FAQs

A payroll certification covers all aspects of payroll, making you a better payroll administrator.
The process for earning a "certification" involves taking advanced education, then passing an exam.
Our payroll certification programs typically take more than 40 hours to complete, and cover paycheck fundamentals, reporting requirements, operations, and more.
Payroll certification programs offer payroll professionals a chance to acquire essential skills, enhance their professional standing, and earn more.
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Earn Your Payroll Certification!

Payroll is more than just issuing checks. It includes many complex rules, procedures, and numerous regulations regarding how to define the employment status, pay for regular, overtime, travel, and fringe benefits, integrate vacation, PTO, and cafeteria plan deductions.
payroll certifications
There also are regulations for handling garnishments, unclaimed paychecks, reporting, penalty assessments, amended returns, and other occurrences that are integral to your job but don't necessary occur on a daily basis.

As if that's not enough, the payroll professional has to answer to the IRS, your state(s) Departments of Revenue, Unemployment Insurance Divisions, Labor Commissioners, Worker's Compensation companies, Auditors, deal with specific forms and timelines, and handle questions from their own employers and employees!

A mistake - however inadvertent - can turn payroll into a legal landmine. But don't worry, you get can the training you need by earning a Payroll Certification! The good news is that certifications not only improve your knowledge and performance levels, but also your pay. Use the Payroll Training Center to earn your payroll certification today!

How Do I Get A Payroll Certification? How Do I Find Payroll Certification Classes Near Me?

TrainingCenter's payroll certification programs are available in online formats. You earn your payroll certification by completing the online payroll certification training program, then passing the exam.

Each of our Certified Payroll Professional online classes uses our award-winning training interface, and includes numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive Q&As to help provide valuable insight into payroll rules, regulations, and compliance requirements.

Regarding finding payroll certification classes near me, our online course format removes lost time and travel, and is less expensive to acquire. Read below for the various online payroll certification programs offered through the Payroll Training Center.payroll-certification-courses.

Why Take Payroll Training Certification Courses

Taking payroll training courses can offer several benefits, both for individuals and businesses. Here are some reasons why you might consider enrolling in payroll training courses:
  • Skill Development: Payroll involves complex calculations, tax laws, and regulations. Training courses help individuals develop the necessary skills and knowledge to accurately process payroll, understand tax obligations, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Accuracy and Compliance:
    Proper payroll processing requires accuracy to ensure employees are paid correctly and on time. Training courses teach participants how to avoid errors and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, reducing the risk of costly penalties and legal issues for businesses.

  • Cost Savings:
    Mistakes in payroll processing can be expensive, leading to overpayments, underpayments, and penalties. By investing in training, individuals can help businesses save money by minimizing errors and ensuring efficient payroll processes.

  • Career Advancement:
    Acquiring payroll expertise through training can enhance your professional credentials and make you a valuable asset to employers. It may open up opportunities for career advancement and higher-paying roles within organizations.

  • Stay Updated:
    Payroll laws, tax regulations, and technology are constantly evolving. Training courses provide access to up-to-date information and best practices, helping individuals stay current with industry trends and changes in regulations.

  • Confidence:
    Understanding payroll processes and regulations can boost confidence in handling payroll responsibilities. Training courses provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience, empowering individuals to perform their job responsibilities effectively.

  • Customized Learning:
    Many payroll training courses offer flexibility, allowing participants to choose courses that align with their specific learning needs and career goals. Whether you're new to payroll or looking to enhance existing skills, there are courses available to suit various skill levels and interests.

  • Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in payroll training courses can also provide opportunities to connect with peers and industry professionals. Networking can be valuable for sharing insights, learning from others' experiences, and building relationships within the payroll community.

About Our Payroll Training And Certification Courses

For more than 25 years, TrainingCenter has been helping individuals in payroll, HR, accounting, banking, insurance, finance, and other professions get the training they need to achieve their educational and career objectives. Whether you're seeking to obtain a license or certification for the first time or maintain your credentials, our programs provide the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as you navigate your career path.

All of our payroll certification courses come from some of the top developers of payroll certification courses in the United States. These vendors have the subject matter expertise and experience to prepare informative, easy-to-follow learning solutions that enable busy professionals to fulfill their training requirements.

Whether you are taking a fundamental payroll certification course or a more advanced payroll certification program, TrainingCenter will support you every step of the way. We're available to answer your questions or address your concerns to ensure you can get the most out of your learning experience. We can also provide additional insight regarding how to become certified in payroll.

The Importance Of Payroll Certification Training Programs

Many payroll professionals find that taking a payroll certification exam is a challenging experience. However, with a little hard work and preparation, you can significantly improve your chances of passing on the first try. Our payroll certification programs provide the comprehensive training you need to approach your exam with confidence.

Benefits of attaining a payroll certification include:
  • Increases your value to your current organization
  • Helps you build a support network consisting of other certified professionals
  • Makes you a more attractive candidate to prospective employers
  • Enables you to stay up-to-date on the changes in regulations, policies, and procedures that impact your job function
  • Demonstrates your understanding of how to apply various payroll concepts in the workplace
  • Exemplifies your commitment to a payroll career
How Do I Earn A Payroll Certification?

Attaining payroll certification is a multi-step process. To receive certification, individuals must typically meet the following professional experience and educational guidelines:
  • Enroll in a comprehensive payroll certification course, such as one of the recommended courses* listed above
  • Complete the course
  • Pass the exam
* A benefit of a TrainingCenter Payroll certification is that in addition to the training, you have access to all materials for one full year, plus receive free updates whenever rules or regulations change!

Check Out Our Payroll Certification Programs

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Disclaimer: This information provided is based on state laws and regulations, and is subject to change. While we make every effort to asure this information is current and accurate, it is not engaged in rendering legal or professional advice, and shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies contained herein.
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