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Paid Sick And Safe Time Compliance Update: What HR Needs To Know To Manage Legal Risks

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With so many states and cities now enacting paid sick leave laws, employers may be left scrambling to understand how newly passed legislation affects their organizations and intersects with other types of leave.

These new laws have a far-reaching impact, affecting employers operating in single states, multi-state employers, and those with nationwide operations.

In many cases the new laws are quite expansive, covering not just medical issues, but also granting leave needed to manage domestic violence or stalking-related issues (i.e., safe time) or time needed for other necessities, for example, to attend a meeting about a child's education plan.

Recently, New Jersey and Michigan enacted statewide paid sick leave laws. Also, in places such as New York City, employers have additional paid sick and safe time leave compliance requirements that recently took effect, too.

Finally, keeping track of and managing employees' paid sick and safe time leave can be an added challenge for employers, especially since they also have to understand and manage other types of leave, such as those protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A technical mistake in administering paid sick leave and other time can result in costly and damaging legal repercussions.

To avoid legal risks, join us to find out how to manage your organization's legal risks given the growing trend of paid sick and safe time leave laws.What You'll Learn:
  • What these new paid sick and safe time leave laws generally provide, plus a rundown on the states and cities that have enacted or are considering such laws
  • How these laws interact with existing leave laws, such as the FMLA and ADA when leave is granted as a reasonable accommodation
  • High-risk compliance areas to watch for when responding to requests for paid sick or safe leave, and how not to misstep
  • How to determine what qualifies as paid sick time or other protected time off
  • How to provide employees with up-to-date information on their rights under the law, and how to update your company's existing sick time and safe time policies
  • What to know about other states'/cities' regulations if your organization operates on a multi-state or national level
  • How these laws are being enforced, and how to be vigilant and comply with the laws
  • And much more!
Paid Sick And Safe Time Compliance Update: What HR Needs To Know To Manage Legal Risks
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