Internal Investigations Certificate Program

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Las Vegas
Embassy Suites Convention Center
3600 Paradise Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89169
7/14/2020 - 07/16/2020 (8am-4pm)
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About This Course:
Great Investigations Training For Workplace Investigations!

When you receive an allegation of workplace harassment or discrimination - or you have received a potential Ethics violation - taking prompt action is your employer responsibility.

But let's face it: most HR, Employee Relations', Ethics and Compliance professionals - as well as business owners - have never had any formal training in how to properly conduct an internal investigation. And without having the appropriate skills in how to handle allegations in the workplace, and investigate them effectively, employees may feel their complaints are not taken seriously internally.

As a result, employees often take their complaints externally to the EEOC, Department of Labor, or to their attorney. Therefore, our Internal Investigations training course is a must-attend for those individuals who are responsible for handling employee relations issues and conducting internal, workplace investigations.

After all, is the time to learn how to do an internal investigation when you are suddenly faced with having to do one? Of course not. That's where our training on the HR investigations process can help!

What You'll Learn:

Our intensive, three-day program on the internal investigations process is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in how to conduct a workplace or internal investigation - and to arm you with the knowledge of how to properly conduct the workplace or internal investigation to minimize legal liability and reduce employee complaints.

This program is packed with practical tools, tips, and techniques to improve your HR investigation process skills - and boost your confidence in handling sensitive and complex employee issues.

Using interactive exercises and drawing on years of practical experience, our trainers will outline a step-by-step internal investigation process that can be applied in all types of investigations, including harassment, theft, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence.

Investigations Training For Understanding The HR Investigation Process

By attending our Internal Investigations training seminar, you will learn how to properly handle a workplace or internal investigation, including:

✓ The legal obligations that require employers to conduct internal investigations
✓ How to gather documentary and physical evidence prior to witness interviewing
✓ How to establish a chain of custody and a confidential retention process
✓ How to prepare questions for witness interviews and select appropriate interviewing locations
✓ A standard format for documenting investigative findings
✓ Best practices in handling disciplinary action and terminations to avoid stepping on legal land mines
Special Bonus: Earn 18 SHRM And HRCI Re-Certification Credits!

You earn 18 hours of SHRM and HRCI re-certification credits by completing this courses!

Special Pricing

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Bring This Training To Your Location!

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course-rating Rating: 4.88 - 527 reviews
What Customers Are Saying

I highly recommend this to anyone who conducts internal investigations.
~ Roschelle Winston

Excellent training, one of the best HR training programs I've been to. They did an excellent job adapting in to a virtual training due to COVID-19. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
~ Martha Richards

I was able to attend this training virtually, which is very helpful. Natalie Ivy is a fantastic trainer. She kept us engaged, even though we were tuning in virtually. She had great examples and ran the program very professionally. I would attend training she is offering anytime.
~ Linda Hill

The presenter did an exceptional job and it was very easy to stay engaged. The material covered from all beneficial. I walked away with so much. We have some changes to do and all for the better. Great training.
~ Tesa Wilson

The entire course was very beneficial. We regularly conduct administrative investigations and the training and materials provided for use are great!
~ Colbert Stancill
Continuing Education Credits:

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Sorry, but this seminar took place already.

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