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Creating A Sound Disaster Recovery Plan For Payroll

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About This Course:
Coming to work and beginning the payroll process each week is a natural and routine process for most payroll professionals.

But sometimes we overlook the realty that a natural disaster could stop us from getting to the office – or worse – something happening at the office that would keep up from paying our employees.

Additionally, with many organizations having a centralized payroll system, the reality of one location having a disaster that can stop payroll for an entire company is a real concern.

What You'll Learn:

This training session gives you the tools to develop a solid disaster recovery plan.

By attending this training session, you will learn best practices and tips, such as where to begin and how to keep the plan up to date. You'll also learn about technology resources and how to prioritize payroll tasks in a disaster plan, plus how to:

  • Specify the critical processes for which you have to plan
  • Determine who should hold what responsibilities for each part of the plan
  • Document and communicate your plan
  • Identify and utilize appropriate technological resources
  • Develop your disaster plan
  • Keep your plan up to date
  • Validate the disaster plan
Creating A Sound Disaster Recovery Plan For Payroll
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Course Details
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