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What Employers Can Legally Deduct From Payroll Checks

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About This Course:
Deductions from employee paychecks have always been a normal part of processing payroll. However, in the last several years, states have begun putting in laws around what is legal to deduct from employee wages. These new laws have raised more challenges for the payroll department then in the past.

As such, we will review the laws that surround all types of deductions an employer can take with or without employee consent. For instance, did you know that employers in some states are not allowed to take deductions from employees that are not authorized in writing by the employee? Or that some states allow you to take deductions for payroll overpayments - but for only a specific period of time from the time of the overpayment.

This webinar will give a general overview of the types of deductions that employers take from an employee's check. By attending, you will gain the knowledge to be sure that how you process employee payroll deductions are in accordance with the law for both a federal and state level. This training session also covers how to handle employer loans and advances, as well as IRS taxation issues that occur with payroll overpayments.What You'll Learn:By attending this audio conference you will learn:
  • Benefits Deductions and the impact to before- and after-tax deductions on pay
  • Cafeteria 125 Deductions and what concerns payroll should - and shouldn't - have
  • Child support limits and beyond
  • Federal and state tax levies that can be taken from employee paychecks
  • Creditor garnishment limits and concerns
  • Employer deductions such as uniforms and union dues
  • What are the differences between mandatory taxes versus courtesy taxation
  • Handling overpayments
  • Advances
  • Employee loans
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What Employers Can Legally Deduct From Payroll Checks
Available 1:00pm till 2:00pm EST or via On-Demand
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