Same-Sex Spouses And Domestic Partners: Benefits And Taxes

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About This Course:
The legalization of same sex marriage was a long overdue societal benefit, but the benefits and tax world have been slow to adjust.

Now that the differentiation between same sex marriage and heterosexual marriage is a thing of the past, this topic aims to bring to light the key areas of exposure any employee benefits plan may face as a result of the change.

Whether your plan needs to be amended or you are seeking to establish employee benefit programs to comply with the same sex marriage environment, this program will assist in identifying current vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities to plans that are right around the corner. Failure to comply with the sweeping changes in tax and employee benefits may result in discrimination issues and/or tax qualification issues in your employee benefit plans.

You will learn what was, what is, and what is next in employee benefits and tax as a result of the legalization of same sex marriage.What You'll Learn:Legal Overview
  • 1996 Defense of Marriage Act
  • United States v. Windsor (2013)
  • Obergefell v. Hodges (2015)
  • Aftermath - Where We Are Now?
Health Care and Insurance
  • ACA
  • FMLA
  • Proposed Legislation
Retirement Benefits
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Status
  • Social Security
Federal Tax Considerations
  • Defining Marriage
  • Promoting Respect for Individuals' Dignity and Equality (Pride) Act of 2019
  • Proposed Refund Equality Act of 2019
Same-Sex Spouses And Domestic Partners: Benefits And Taxes
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