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Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement Training

Employees frequently pay company expenses - such as automobile, travel, meal, or entertainment expenses - out of their own pocket, and then ask for reimbursement.

Generally speaking:
  • The expense reimbursements must be for deductible business expenses that are paid or incurred by an employee in the course of performing services for your organization
  • The employee must be required to substantiate the amount, time, use, and business purpose of the reimbursed expenses
But, with regard to payroll, are these tax-deductible expenses? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. If yes, are they taxable to the company? The employee?
Don't make simple mistakes when determining whether and expense reimbursement is taxable or not. Get trained using the recommended links below and avoid fines and penalties!

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Compliance Tips For Employee Expense Reimbursements

This course covers the rules and requirements for expense reimbursements, as well as best practices for processing expense reimbursements either in payroll or accounts payable, including:
    Expense ReimbursementIRS expense reimbursement requirements
  • Whether employee expense reimbursements should be run through payroll or accounts payable
  • Which payments being made to your employees may be subject to payroll taxes
  • Accountable plan rules - and how they apply to employee travel and expense reimbursements
  • How employee business expenses made under accountable plans can be excluded from an employee's gross income
  • The accounting issues associated with the use of per diems
  • How to determine the scope and potential areas of focus for your audit
  • How to identify any areas of concern prior to an external audit or an audit by another group within your company
  • Common areas where mistakes or issues can normally be found
  • How a review can help you detect internal control issues
  • Where to go to for assistance so you're not re-creating the wheel
  • Devising a game plan on what you want to review and how to divide and conquer
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