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Withholding Child And Spousal Support

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Federal and state child support laws affect every organization that pays at least one person. At the very least a new hire must be reported to the state. If that person has a support obligation, the payer will receive an income withholding order (IWO). Before withholding can begin the payer must determine if the order is "regular on its face."

When an order is accepted the employer must determine which laws must be applied; that becomes more complicated if the employee work state differs from the issuing state. Laws govern when withholding must begin, when, where and how the payment must be delivered; whether the agency must be notified in advance of a bonus payment, and other notifications such as termination of employment, workers' comp injury or leave of absence.

This webinar identifies the various laws that govern support and helps the persons responsible for income withholding select the correct law to calculate allowable disposable income (ADI), correctly allocate withholding between orders when the obligated amount is greater than ADI, and determine when medical support premiums must reduce the amount of cash support deducted.

The class will also provide the most current laws identifying reporting of a new hire, identify those states that require lump sum reporting, address electronic solutions the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement has developed to reduce the burden of paper orders and provide for electronic reporting of employee termination, identify that a person was never an employee, and report lump sum payments. Receive a heads up on additional requirements OCSE would like included in federal law.


Withholding Child and Spousal Support
  • Federal Laws
  • Preparing for and Handling Complex Situations
  • Case Studies Influenced by Federal Laws
Medical Child Support
  • Federal Law/Impact to State Laws
  • HR/Benefits Requirements
  • Compliance Issues
Lump Sum Payments
  • Requirements
  • Alternative Methods for Reporting
  • Withholding Additional Amounts From Lump Sum Payments
Electronic Handling/Streamline the Process
  • Receipt of Orders
  • Reporting Employee Status Changes/Lump Sum Payments
  • Remitting Payments
Withholding From Non-Employee Income
  • Sources of Income
  • Interaction Between Payroll and Accounts Payable
  • Withholding Requirements/Limits
About The Presenter

Amorette (Amy) Bryant, CPP
  • Principal of ABryant Consulting
  • Recognized Wage Garnishment Subject Matter Expert within the payroll industry
  • Consultant to federal Office of Child Support to participate with creating employer training following Welfare Reform Legislation Co-wrote Child Support Desktop Guide published by the federal Office of Management and Budget (out of print)
  • Provides training, procedures and research for large employers third-party processors and software vendors
  • Wrote the Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment, 2016 Edition, Aspen Publishers
  • Contributor to the Payroll Answer Book and California Payroll Guide, Aspen publishers
  • Member of the American Payroll Association; twice chair and active member of the APA GATF Child Support and Garnishment Subcommittee
  • Creates and conducts webinars for nationally recognized supporters of the payroll industry
Withholding Child And Spousal Support
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