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Payroll Update: New Tax Code, New Laws And Required Changes

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The tax code has undergone a profound change and the payroll landscape is changing with it. Smart moves in the coming months will help you avoid big trouble (and big fines) down the road.

Join our timely webinar, Payroll Update: New Tax Code, New Laws and Required Changes, to find out what you must do (and NOT do) this year and next year to stay in compliance with federal and state payroll laws, including the big payroll changes required by the tax bill.

And it's not just tax reform. The IRS is planning to ramp up e-filing by an unprecedented degree in time for filing your 2018 W-2s, 1095s and 1099s. Plus, discover why a 2018 Supreme Court ruling will likely lead to more IRS payroll audits.

Your trainer for the event will be payroll expert Alice Gilman, Esq., editor of Payroll Legal Alert and Payroll Compliance Handbook.

This 75-minute training session gives you practical, easy-to-understand solutions to the complex payroll issues you'll face throughout the year. Plus, you'll get answers to your specific questions during our interactive Q&A session with Alice.

Payroll mistakes can be costly… in terms of dollars and upper management's belief in the payroll department. Never again wonder "Am I doing it right?" Learn how to comply with confidence and avoid the IRS's heat.What You'll Learn:This timely webinar will teach you:

  • How your payroll administration must change under the new tax laws.
  • Whether you qualify for the new paid family leave tax credit, and how that credit is calculated. Good news: Employees located in states that mandate paid leave aren't left out in the cold.
  • The new criteria for deducting employees' meal expenses.
  • Which fringe benefits you can still offer tax-free.
  • Important compliance tips for 2018 and 2019 on emerging state and federal payroll issues.
  • Key lessons from recent court decisions on payroll issues. (The IRS almost never loses a case!) Learn the 8 simple ways you can stay out of legal payroll trouble.
  • How to cope with the IRS's Payroll National Research Project – those intensive line-by-line payroll audits that have already hit 6,000 employers. Learn what the IRS is hunting for.
  • How to respond to an IRS penalty for not offering affordable group health insurance.
  • The IRS's audit protocols for all payroll audits and the 7 stress-reducing do's and don'ts to survive any audit.
  • Why you need to pay more attention to state payroll laws, like wage theft laws and paid sick leave laws.
  • The 6 essential steps to stay out of hot water if you're thinking about paying employees using paycards.
  • And much, much more…
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