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Payroll Compliance: Preparing For Year-End And 2019

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The most valuable commodity you have is time. And, if you handle payroll compliance, time is running out.

This year, year-end preparation is your best defense against the as-yet-unknown changes to your 2019 withholding processes, necessitated by the big tax reform law.

Employers are also facing intense new scrutiny of their W-2s, 1099s, 1095s and other payroll tax reporting compliance. For example, planned IRS changes to the electronic filing rules could trap unsuspecting employers who don't file these forms electronically.

Warning: Form mistakes (or forms filed in the wrong medium) can lead to millions of dollars in tax penalties - and unwanted attention on your department ... and you!

The Social Security Administration is clamping down, as well. Make even one critical error in your W-2 reports and you'll be bumped down into non-filer status and become easy penalty bait for the IRS. This is your last chance to make sure you get it right!What You'll Learn:Join us for Payroll Compliance: Preparing for Year-End and 2019. Our timely webinar, led by payroll expert Alice Gilman, Esq., editor of Payroll Legal Alert, will show you:

  • What's changed with W-2s and how you should respond
  • New reporting elements on the W-2
  • 8 steps for completing 1099s that will keep the IRS off your back - forever
  • 6 crucial moves you must make to activate the new safe harbor for de minimis math errors
  • How to gain cooperation from other departments to ensure a smoother year-end process
  • Why cooperating with other departments has now become a crucial step in your year-end process
  • How to protect payroll against scammers and ID thieves who are becoming more aggressive
  • 10 ways to safeguard your employees' personal identifying information from the prying eyes of hackers, ID thieves and other scammers
  • What's on the IRS's regulatory plate for 2019 and 2020
  • Mandatory reporting of employees' health benefits - get it right or get a penalty notice from the IRS
  • And More!

The worst possible news: Penalties for failing to file correct information returns - including the health care information returns - have more than doubled. And now they go up every year, not just every five years. So mistakes on W-2s, 1099s and 1095s are not pocket change anymore.

This 75-minute training session gives you practical, easy-to-understand solutions to the complex issues you'll face. Plus, you'll get answers to your specific questions during our interactive Q&A session.

Never again wonder "Am I doing it right?" Learn how to avoid IRS penalties and comply with confidence.
Payroll Compliance: Preparing For Year-End And 2019
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