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Multistate Employers Payroll Tax Pitfalls: How To Correct The Most Common Errors Before They Result In Costly Penalties

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Understanding federal and just one state's payroll tax requirements is tricky enough. And for multistate employers, the compliance stakes are far greater.

Employers with operations in more than one state, those that employ workers who go out on assignments across state lines, or that have telecommuters on payroll often have questions about which state-based withholding rules apply to the performance of services.

And, the term "performing services" isn't necessarily the same across state lines either. The definition can vary, so the HR and payroll departments for multistate employers need to give extra special attention to how a given state's particular rules may apply to certain members of its workforce.

Join us for a webinar on how to anticipate the tricky payroll tax issues that often arise when employees are spread out across two or more states. Payroll expert and CPA Elizabth Bystrom will offer practical strategies for accurately addressing those challenges head on.What You'll Learn:
  • Address payroll tax withholding if an employee lives in one state and works in another
  • Apply state unemployment insurance rules that may impact payroll taxes for employees working in two or more states
  • Recognize the impact reciprocal agreements have on wage taxation
  • Administer employees' state withholding allowance certificates
  • Handle a situation where an employee travels to many locations across state lines for work assignments-in that case, how many W2s should be issued?
  • Spot when your payroll tax system might be putting you at risk for multistate payroll tax violations
  • Tell if an employee generally would be classified as a resident or non-resident for state-based taxation purposes
  • Manage state withholding when an employee works in multiple states
  • Determine taxable income and fringe-benefit taxation
  • Recognize telecommuting's impact on payroll tax obligations
Multistate Employers Payroll Tax Pitfalls: How To Correct The Most Common Errors Before They Result In Costly Penalties
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