IRS Form 1099-R Reporting Update

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About This Course:
Form 1099-R is a common form but most people who handle the form do not understand the ins and outs of it. Basic 1099-R forms are straightforward but it doesn't take much for complications to set in.

For example, when is a required minimum distribution required? What if the participant wants to roll their RMD into a charity? What if the account has after-tax basis? What about Roth conversions involving after-tax basis and partial withdrawals from a traditional IRA? What are the contribution limits and what happens if someone exceeds those limits?

This webinar will answer all of these questions and more. The IRS can assess penalties against issuers of Form 1099-R for failure to comply with the rules. A mistake on the form can also cost a taxpayer money. Therefore it is critical to know how to handle this form and deal with all of the situations that can arise.What You'll Learn:What Is Form 1099-R and Who Must File
  • Box-By-Box - What Do Those Boxes Mean?
  • How to Send to the IRS
Dealing With Withdrawals
  • Handling After-Tax Basis
  • Handling Roth Conversions
  • Reporting Rollovers - a 1099-R Is Not Always Required
Other Situations
  • Excess Deferrals or Excess Contributions
  • Charitable Rollovers of Required Minimum Distributions
  • When Are RMDs Required?
  • How to Handle QDROs
IRS Form 1099-R Reporting Update
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