IRS Form 1099 From The Inside Out: Reporting Updates 2019

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About This Course:
With the 1099 Season approaching soon, it would be wise to become savvy in the recent and proposed regulations covering the most common 1099s required in the world of information reporting.

Be informed, remain compliant, and avoid increasing penalties that can devastate an otherwise prosperous company.What You'll Learn:1099 Basics
  • Information Reporting Required for Payments
  • IRS TIN Matching Program
  • Electronic Filing of Forms 1099 (FIRE)
  • Procedures to Correct Inaccurate 1099s
Compliance Issues
  • Responding to B-Notices: IRS 2100/2100A
  • Avoiding Costly Penalty Assessments
  • Backup Withholding and Filing Requirements for U.S. and Nonresidents
Updates on Current Hot Topics in the 1099 World
  • Broker Basis Reporting: Form 1099-B
  • Forgiveness of Debt Has Its Costs: Form 1099-C
  • Code Section 6050W: Form 1099-K and Possible Duplicate Reporting
  • Misclassification of Independent Contractors Reported on Form 1099-Misc and Remedies
  • 2019 Legislation and the Future of Information Reporting
IRS Form 1099 From The Inside Out: Reporting Updates 2019
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