Internet Research for Paralegals

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About This Course:
The Internet is a resource for a vast array of legal materials. However, not all legal resources available on the Internet represent authoritative or relevant information to the legal researcher.

Legal websites organize information in different ways, documents appear in a variety of file formats and search engines may or may not index legal materials in concert with the legal researcher's expectations.

This audio seminar will help you:

  • Develop an understanding of how to search for and find legal information on the Internet
  • Explain the context for efficient searching by comparing electronic searching with print research methods
  • Compare editorial practices of legal website managers to those of print publishers to illustrate how Internet-based legal research fits into the larger research picture
  • Research principles and methodology will be demonstrated by examining specific websites for their problem-solving utility
  • Learn strategies for better and more efficient searching will be identified

You will benefit from the practical, detailed knowledge of how the legal information on the Internet is organized and located.


Mark Giangrande, De Paul University


2 CD Set with bound 34 page manual
Copyright 2008

Internet Research for Paralegals
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