HR Basics Seminar

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About This Course:
Whether you are a small business owner or someone new to human resources, you¡äll find a ton of rules, regulations, and requirements.

For example: Hiring. Firing. Payroll. Employee Relations. Workforce Planning. Performance Management. Compliance with state and federal laws. Recordkeeping, Investigations. Safety. All of this, and more, is the responsibility of HR. do you keep up with all things HR without losing your sanity, negatively affecting your other responsibilities, or making costly compliance mistakes?

We have the solution: a one-day, comprehensive training program that gives you the needed training on the most important HR areas.

One Day Of Face-To-Face Training That Covers HR¡äs Most Important Issues

This one-day seminar helps keep you up-do-date on the latest best practices for the myriad of rules, regulations, and requirements that comes with HR.

The program includes:

  • One day of face-to-face training that covers HR¡äs most important issues
  • Tips and examples of common errors and mistakes - as well as guidance on how to avoid them
  • Interactive Exercises that help you practice what you learn, PLUS
  • Access to our OnDemand library of HR-related specialty training courses that you can access whenever you need them!

And when you couple the benefit of in-person training with the OnDemand library, you get an unbeatable combination. And just one tip from the seminar or the OnDemand library will save you many more times than the cost of enrollment!


Hiring &Staffing

Background checks, orientation tips, applicable laws, and more!

  • Avoiding the common legal pitfalls surrounding hiring and interviewing
  • Should you conduct background checks? Reference checks?
  • Verifying your employees are legal: Completing the I-9 form
  • Orientation tips to get new employees off to a good start fast

Interactive Exercise: Completing The I-9 Form

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Employment Law Basics / Compliance Requirements

Resources for complying with all of those state and federal laws!

  • State vs. Federal laws
  • Employment and Discrimination laws
  • Employee Leave Laws
  • How to recognize when it may be an FMLA request vs. "just being sick"
  • Balancing disabilities with business requirements
  • How to recognize the most common legal pitfalls that cause legal problems
  • What to do if an employee brings you news of harassing or discriminatory behavior
  • Can we implement an "English Only" policy?
  • The pitfalls and expense of retaliation
  • What you need to know about Social Media policies

Interactive Exercise: Integrating State And Federal Laws

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Compensation & Payroll

Options and resources on where, when, how, and why, plus tips for handling the tough payroll questions

  • The difference between exempt and non-exempt
  • What wage information do we have to keep on employees?
  • When do you have to pay overtime?
  • Knowing when someone is an Employee or Independent Contractor
  • Handling wage garnishments
  • Keeping required time records
  • What deductions can we make to an employee¡äs paycheck?
  • Resources for evaluating compensation

Interactive Exercise: Basics Of Wage Garnishments

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Performance Management &Workplace Safety

How to keep your employees happy and on track!

  • Setting the employee up to succeed
  • Documentation: either your best friend or your worst enemy
  • How to give and get effective feedback
  • What to do if an employee is struggling to do their job
  • Should you use Performance Appraisals?
  • What to do when an employee has an accident - even if it seems minor
  • How to refer employees to the EAP without making the situation worse

Interactive Exercise: How To Use A Performance Appraisal

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Job Descriptions &Handbooks

What works, what doesn¡ät, and how to create them quickly and correctly

  • Why use job descriptions
  • How to write and update job descriptions
  • Do you need an Employee Handbook?
  • Required policies
  • Essential policies
  • Other policies
  • What is "At Will" employment?
  • Tips for writing a clear employee handbook
  • Preventing your handbook from becoming a legally-binding contract
  • The proper language for policy disclaimers

Interactive Exercise: Writing A Job Description

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:


Training for what to keep where, when, and how!

  • Handling personal, confidential, medical, payroll, safety, immigration, investigations, leaves, benefits, and other Personnel Files
  • Where should employee files be kept?
  • Record retention issues: how long do you have to keep records?
  • Auditing your files to maintain legal compliance
  • Tracking attendance and monitoring leave law entitlements

Interactive Exercise: Required Records &Files: What Goes Where

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Working With Other Departments / Managing Multiple Priorities Effectively

How To Be Productive - And Respected!

  • Establishing expectations for your job and department
  • Maintaining your line of authority
  • Managing your time and setting priorities
  • How to recognize - and avoid - things that can come back yo hurt you

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Strategic Thinking

Tips for staying on track and helping to meet company objectives

  • Finding out what management thinks of the HR function
  • How to make sure HR is a Vital Function
  • How to ask for something you need - and get it

Plus access to the following 90-minute audio training sessions:

Wrapping-up: Developing an Action Plan

...and if all this great training isn¡ät enough, you also receive numerous links to supporting websites such as the DOL, the IRS, and others for quick looks and/or more extensive research when - or if - you need it!hrci re-certification

You Also Earn PHR / SPHR Re-Certification Credits!

This program has been approved for 7 re-certification credit hours through the HR Certification Institute.

For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HRCI of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HRCI¡äs criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

HR Basics Seminar
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