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Organizations everywhere are wrestling with the cost of fixed-base salaries. An easy and cost-effective solution is to change from a fixed, base pay system is to implement a variable pay structure.

Doing so will allow you to design your compensation reward programs to more directly align employee goal accomplishments with their pay, which is a win-win for the employee and your organization.

To do this successfully requires a systematic, step-by-step approach that comprehensively addresses all of issues and challenges inherent in variable pay design and implementation. And that is where this webinar will help.What You'll Learn:In his informative and interactive presentation, John Rubino will demonstrate a proven eight-step approach to help ensure the successful design and implementation of variable pay programs. Come with your questions...and learn the state-of-the-art programs for rewarding employee performance.

By attending, you and/or your team will come away with:
  • The reasons and justifications of why many organizations all around the world are moving to variable pay programs
  • How variable pay programs reduce costs, help contain fixed expenses, better recognize superior employee performance, and align overall goal accomplishments with rewards
  • A pragmatic and proven eight-step methodology for successfully designing, implementing, and communicating your organization-wide variable pay programs
  • How to access your organizational culture and determine specific lump sum payouts
  • A practical, hands-on template that you can use as a road map and guiding principles for developing variable pay programs within your organization
Course Details
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