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Background Checks

Background Check Training

A background check is basically a thorough and complete search of someone's recorded history.

An employment screening background check can verify specifics about an applicant or employee. For instance, his or her credentials, degrees, work history, years and graduation dates of schools attended, driving history, credit history, and criminal history.

Background checks allow hiring entities to verify if people are who they claim to be. They also help protect employers from lawsuits when people are not who they claim to be. For instance, would an organization typically want to hire someone with three DUIs to be a school bus driver? Essentially, it helps define how honest, trustworthy, and truthful a person.

But laws do not allow you to just do background checks at random. It is important for employers to kow what laws regulate background checks, including the requirements to performing a background check.

Recommended Background Check Training Courses

Top Ten Trends For Background Checks

Learn permissible methods for doing background checks – including what you can and can't do legally if you find problems! By attending, you will learn:
  • The current trends, best practices, and legal developments affecting due diligence and hiring
  • Cutting-edge issues such as the new EEOC focus on criminal records and credit reports
  • Guidance for using social networking sites
  • Tips for international background screening
  • Steps for dealing with resume fraud
  • Best practices for handling temporary workers, privacy, and off-shoring of personal data
  • Tools to protect against workplace violence
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What To Do When Applicants Or Employees Have A Criminal History

It happens more and more often: a background check on an applicant comes back with problems, or you find out after the fact that a new employee has a criminal history?

This training session covers the legal requirements, as well as what should you do. It covers:
  • The employer's "double-edged sword": Keeping the workplace safe by screening out bad hires vs. potentially discriminating against applicants
  • Company policies and job descriptions: The keys to applicant screening
  • Preemployment background checks: What you need to know to protect yourself from negligent hiring claims
  • The FCRA and taking adverse action: How to rescind an offer of employment when a background check comes back with an arrest or a conviction
  • How to avoid claims of disparate treatment and disparate impact
  • The EEOC's "three-factor test" when considering an applicant with a criminal history
  • Understanding how the EEOC views arrests vs. convictions
  • Avoiding negligent retention: How to handle a current employee who is now in trouble with the law
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